Your name can be listed in professor Aba’s Daily book of Prayers


Join hundreds and hundreds of persons who pray with Professor Aba each day. I will keep you on the right path and take you closer and closer to success in everything you do. Professor Aba’s strong prayer and concentration can help you in ways you never dreamed possible. I will share my gift of helping people with you now. Once your name is in this holy and precious book, I will say a prayer for you each and every morning. You will get a letter from me, professor Aba telling you just what time I will say my prayers so you can pray along with me as hundreds of others do. When everyone prays together i feel the power is much greater and much stronger. Sometimes you can even feel the presence of others and you feel a wonderful peace and contentment, knowing that your personal prayers are being heard

Members of Professor Aba’s society have used this book for years, now I welcome’s all who want to be listed. Society members or not, the benefits from my words of prayer and dedication are great. There are times when you probably say to yourself “How I wish my bad luck would end” Just to wish or even pray by yourself may not be enough. Professor Aba will lift your burdens and fill your heart with joy instead of pain, and make life what you want it to be. I will personally write your name in my personal daily book of prayers. The sooner your name is in the book, the sooner I will pray for your personal wishes and desires to be answered.

For more information please visit or call 305-396-2451 or 876-971-0337.


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About professoraba

I am a world renowned Occultist, voodoo Master, healer, teacher, high priest and hypnotist. I am head of the House of Power Society which is located in Montego Bay, Jamaica
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